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December 28th, 2005
My brain hurts...Collapse )
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a not-so-merry christmas [Monday
December 26th, 2005
[ mood | pissed off ]

If you didn't read the subject, read it now. I'll wait.

Did you read it? Good. Because this year, and for the past 5 YEARS, Christmas has just been one painful moment after another.

I had most of my weekend typed out. And then I decided to delete it all. There were very few bright spots in my weekend, and I would prefer not to observe Christmas anymore, except to recognize it as Christ's birth. Otherwise, I don't want anything to do with giving/getting presents, a tree, lights, irritated family, traffic, crowded malls, small paychecks, disappointed parents, stingy brothers, stupid PC computers, and other things that just made me angry and seriously wish for school or lacrosse to start so i could have something to throw myself back into.

my boss asked me today if i had a good christmas. he expected me to say, "Yes! It was awesome!!" ha. i corrected his grievous error.

and now my dad is watching a movie called Thirteen Days, it's about the Cuban Missle Crisis and how Castro and JFK nearly blew everyone up. thanks guys for not duking it out over North America. future generations appreciate it.

needless to say, I'm not a happy camper. hmph.

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what's been going on... [Wednesday
December 21st, 2005
so, my iPod is pretty amazing. :D but you knew this already.

but anyways, as of 2am today (Wednesday), this has been what's happening:
Make/Model: Blue iPod mini 4GB
Used: 1.54 GB
Free: 2.23 GB
Total Songs: 179
Total Time: 12.2 hours (of music)
Recently Added: Roper-"Amplify", Soundtrack to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Soundtrack to The Pianist, The Offspring-"Can't Repeat", "Gone Away", Paul Oakenfold-"Ready, Steady, Go", Soundtrack to Phantom of the Opera, Michael Tolcher-"Sooner or Later", and Acceptance-"Different".
Podcasts: 1 (LAXcast)

any suggestions as to what i should add?
(do NOT suggest emo/screamo or heavy metal. i AM looking for ska, rock, and anything that sounds good. :)

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December 16th, 2005
[ mood | crappy ]

they are over. and it's about time.

i definitely passed my BST exam. i just know it. it was frighteningly easy. I also know i failed my anatomy exam. i got a 59.
today, i passed my american govt exam. i got a 78. and i cried after my band audition/exam. it was that bad. the scales i did amazing on. the sightreading... holy cow. i wouldn't be surprised if i wasn't kicked out of that class. i wanted to kill/maim/throw someone/something. i was so pissed.

tomorrow is the lacrosse clinic at winter park. i'm going (hopefully). i still owe my parents $100 because i have to pay for half of it. and as soon as i get my paycheck today. =/ i also need money for the cell. the thing is like a bottomless pit. from now on, only cingular or very very cool and important people can call me on it.

i did my ipod yesterday. it's a blue mini. i've only got like 200 songs on it, and that's after deleted 400 of them off of there (i bought it off a friend, she already had 600 songs on it). so i deleted quite a bit of hers, added a few of mine, and ta-da. i have the ultimate music mp3 player. :D

meh. i feel like poopie.

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December 14th, 2005
Today was the first day of exams, and apparently, I worried for nothing. I seriously thought i would have a panic attack over the Calculus exam that was first thing in the morning. Well... exams are all handed out, and wow. it is soo easy. i mean seriously. i was just amazed. it was 50 questions, the only thing that got to me was a few of the last 10. :D my 2nd exam was English. i also worried about this for nothing, too. it was a lot of reading, and my main concern was for time. but i finished with about 20 minutes to spare, and i felt good about it too. a quarter of it was vocab. muahaha. my specialty.

i went to church tonight up in apopka. i usually love going up there. sometimes, though, i get that left out feeling. sometimes, some of the kids will "speak in tongues", and that just weirds me out. it sounds like a mixture of yiddish and russian. and i'm also not a very 'worship-out-loud' person, so when people start kneeling on the floor and are just obviously in to it, i just cant do it. i've been sort of forced into doing a couple time, but i will just kneel there and pray silently, not extremely vocal as some are. my favorite part of the night is always the band. they're just really really good, and BJ doesn't give himself enough credit as lead vocal and guitar.

to other news, my brother and the band he's in are recording this Sunday up at Journey (hopefully... unless someone's car seizes up again, or a major hurricane comes along).

tomorrow's exams are BST and Anatomy. BST... psh. easy as pie. Anatomy... eh, not so sure. I haven't been doing so hot in that class, and on the practice exams, i the best i did was an 18 out of 20. which is good, but i could only do it once. =/
Friday's exams are American Government (only class i have to turn in a book for), and Band. i'm actually nervous about band. i really really want to move up a chair or two, and our exam is also our audition, they're just weighted differently. so he makes it so you have to do well on both to move up and get a good grade. and i hate scales. it is my worst downfall, and it's the reason why i'm 3rd chair. so i HAVE to practice so i can move up, or atleast not get demoted. that would be awful...

my dad's quote of the day: "what the large print giveth, the fine print taketh away." so true..

good night all.
i wish you luck on your exams, and stay safe during the holidays.
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Exam Week! ahh! [Monday
December 12th, 2005
2005Collapse )
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TGIF :) [Friday
December 9th, 2005
[ mood | music=love ]

It's Friday! yay! now for a real look at what's been happening...

This week was like a rollercoaster on crack.Collapse )

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December 3rd, 2005
today has been a long and boring day, with excitement thrown in there randomly (sorta).

our lacrosse game today went awesome. at the half, i think it was 4-2 (we were the '2', but i scored both of em. :) the first part, i was in as point (defense). i did terribly. i havent practiced defense during the week, so i had no idea what i was doing. i could tell kelly and a few others were getting mad, and that they were like, "LYDIA, WHAT ARE YOU DOOOOING?!" lol, i felt like i sucked, which i did. finally, i was put in as a home, and things looked better. :D
omg, we had one of the same refs we had last game, the one that didn't call the dangerous checking on sam. well, the lake mary girl hit taylor's hand, and the ref, of course, "didn't see it." yeah, right. one of the girl's on my end of the field... she laughed. X( not cool. but we won, so that was good. 7-6 v. Lk Mary

i took a 3 hour nap today. :D i thought about going to CiCi's with the team. i went to Subway instead, and went home and chilled.

au revior.
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November 27th, 2005
I'm going out to california again this summer. last time i went, i was 15. now im leeeegal. :D

i got the depressing news that i have to miss lacrosse practice this tuesday because of a doctors appointment that was scheduled monnnths ago. hmph.

i'm beginning to really hate myspace. all the bulletins people post are starting to piss me off. all they want is more comments, for you to look at their "new" pictures and comment, or other idiot retarded things. i rarely post bulletins because... it's just too much clutter. and its not like people really read them anyways. i think i'm going to slowly distance from myspace. it got too popular too fast.
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November 24th, 2005
Well, I'm up here in jacksonville on thanksgiving. this has probably been the weirdest thanksgiving ever. instead of turkey and mashed potatoes, we had spaghetti and garlic bread. sort of like an italian thanksgiving... only we arent italian. :P but i do miss the norm.
i got to see my cousin cheryl, who lives out in CA, and she invited me back out to see her this summer in san francisco again. yay! i love it out there. the climate is gorgeous, and its right on the pacific. she also talked to me about colleges, and tried to convince me to go to her alma mater, FSU. i said mayyybe. :D
also, watched 50 first dates. that movie was soooo sad. i dont know how he does it every single day...

well take care, and dont over eat!!
i'll see you guys back in orange county in a few days. (im up here in clay county, if you wanna look it up..)

P.S. Next post, pics of my 2nd cousins!! i know some of y'all are going to like them... my cousin runs track, and he's in pretty good shape. (too bad for y'all he lives in arkansas)
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2nd period post [Monday
November 21st, 2005
[ mood | Thanksgiving is soon! ]


I'm here in BST, my 2nd period (which doesn't end until 11:24) and I've already finished my typing assignment. Today i hit 100 gwam. Hartsfield nearly lost her eyes out of her head. I thought it was pretty funny.

My weekend
Friday:: had lacrosse practice right after school. I was only there for an hour because i had to leave early to get to work at 4:30. i worked until about 8:45ish when it died and they decided to send me home. i actually spent a decent amount of time on myspace for a while, discovering that i actually know people on there. :P
Saturday:: Lacrosse game at the crack of dawn... actually 10am, but i was late, again. lol. i did get to start at 1st home, like last week. i scored again. yay! Jordyn was there, and my mom and my brother were there. my brother congratulated me by telling me how much i suck, but saying he would actually own up to being related to me... but we ended up losing the game 6-2 againt lk brantley i think. =/ everytime we switch defenses at the half, it all goes to hell. maybe the defense we put in... should stay in the whole game. or at least most of it. then i went to work at 5, worked til 9 (i had to bribe a few people to cover the last hour of my shift so i could leave early), went to the movies with Jenny and Russ. HP4 is not that bad... but they left out some stuff i wouldve liked to have seen in there.
Sunday:: Church at 11am. had to leave that early to get to work at noon. =// i felt SOO guilty. got off of work at 4pm (the girl who's supposed to relieve me at 4 hadnt shown up when i left at 4:15)

for some reason, i think i did something else between the time i got home from work, and the time i took a shower and went to bed... i cant remember what it is, but i had to drive there, i think. =/ how odd.

i was looking at colleges, and i realized that hardly any colleges have lacrosse teams! UCF, FIU, and most of the big colleges dont. which is surprising. but small schools, especially on the coast, THEY DO. ugh, i was like WTF. my goal by the end of the school year is to be able to compete on a college level in lacrosse.

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Branzburg v. Hayes (1972) [Thursday
November 17th, 2005
[ mood | aggravated ]

Research in the library during gov't... this is the only way i could think of to save the websites.






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absolutely (insert adjective) [Tuesday
November 15th, 2005
i heard the most ridiculous thing on t.v. today, on one of those sarcastic talk show things, and it revealed how... idiotic some Americans are: "If you're a foreign newspaper, and you've got nothing to hide, why don't you write in English?" i was like omfg... ><

hahaha, but i did hear the question, "Are men necessary?" um... YES. xD

tonight was a pretty bad night. i missed the jazz concert, AND the movie thing was 'postponed'. grrr.

and i still have to buy a ticket for this harry potter movie i'm being dragged off to see. ;) but apparently you cant buy tickets yet. and jenny really wants me to go see it with her, so im gonna get a ticket. besides, it's supposed to have some great effects.
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i want this song out of my head... [Monday
November 14th, 2005
So today was a pretty decent day. I actually got to school on time :) and my Calc teacher realizes that although I do terribly on tests, I actually know what I'm doing if I... study. surprise surprise. and in 2nd, i made up a test i missed on the Big Pic day. 3rd period we worked on our upcoming debate with Col. Symolon's class on abortion (my least favorite hot button topic), and i'm on the pro-life side. beautiful.

omg, i dont think i could like a sport more than i like this one. seriously, i like it better than softball and water polo combined. it's fricken amazing, and apparently i've gotten pretty good at it. oh btw, did i mention i scored on saturday? it was pretty shweet, thanks to an amazing pass by miss kristen menke. :) i need to put out some more of those.
practice tomorrow. i actually cant wait, and it's going to be the highlight of my day.

also, jazz concert tomorrow night. i might go, and actually tape it this time since my camera died last time. and then afterwards possibly that Senior Movie Night thing...

leave some love. <3
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November 12th, 2005
[ mood | creative ]

Okay, I saw this on MySpace, and it was hilarious. So I had to post it on here (after fixing a few million grammar errors), and let everyone at Apopka (and everywhere else) have a good laugh...

You know you go to Apopka when...
1. You debate buying 1 quart of portable hand sanitizer for school purposes only.
2. Everytime you grab a door knob and then you look down at your hand, the germs are visible to the naked eye.
3. In Biology class, you had to run a cotton swab on something to observe the bacteria it contained... your studies showed that the lunch line hamburger patties contain more germs than the walls in the boys' restrooms.
4. You always complain about how people leave their trays and milk cartons all over the tables, but as soon as your lunch is over--- you're not throwin' your shit away.
5. You're always slightly nervous when you walk through the "black" side of the cafeteria.
6. You're always interested to see what is written on the walls in the bathrooms... after all, you found out your best friend was gay via graffiti.
7. You found out the hard way that it's dumb to skip only 5th period or only 2nd period.
8. You try to buy a Gatorade, but when classes change you can kiss your parched throat goodbye because you're about to get tackled.
9. When you were a freshman, you always bitched about how it's "stupid to make fun of freshman because everyone was a freshman once," but whenever you walk over to the 9th grade campus, you're the first to say, "THEY'RE ALL SO TINY! I AM SUPERIOR. YOU'RE ALL FRESH MEAT, DOUCHE BAGS."
10. You see the person you dislike the most every day, atleast twice in the halls. You try to avoid eye contact but when it occurrs, boy, is it awkward.
11. You don't know every administrator's name, so they just become "The Bald One" or "The Jamaican One".
12. You're still really pissed about the snack machine changes.
13. But you buy the bagels anyway.
14. The new SGA scrolling marquee on the wall in the back commons has been up for atleast a week, but more than half of you haven't noticed it.
15. You plan your morning entirely around the traffic you anticipate on Martin.
16. You know where every vending machine on campus is that has soda in it.
17. You know the janitors hate it, but you walk on the just-waxed floors anyways. And love it.
18. You hold it for the entire day, almost on the verge of peeing yourself, but you really, REALLY don't want to use those bathrooms.
19. You've been hit by those damn swinging doors, or you've purposely let someone get hit by them.
20. You're a member of the GSA, only because it's a fad.
21. You've got more than 5 t-shirts that say "Apopka" or the darter A anywhere on them. And you wear them. Often.

:D Yay.

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*yawn* [Saturday
November 12th, 2005
[ mood | drained ]

So it's suuuuper early. I actually just got home from Steak 'n Shake. I liked it, I hung out with Beth and Matt (JUSTIN, YOU LOSER!!) and we talked for... ever it seemed. but it was great. and i did switch buses tonight for the game. it wasn't as painful a process as i thought it would be. played cards 'til we were sick of it (which wasn't for long), and then had a great time at the game although we lost 15-14 in OT to winter park. ugh. i was soo looking forward to another game, i didnt want the season to be over yet. =/ oh well.

well, obviously, my first lacrosse game is in about 9 hours (11am at Showalter Field today, Sat). I'm pretty excited. I'll be starting at 1st Home, which means I'm... on offense, and I shall be doing my best to score. :D I think for beginners we have a pretty good team. Seriously, besides Taylor, none of us have ever played before, and some of us have gotten pretty good at it. We play Lake Highland tomorrow. what a bunch of pansies... ;)

well, good night and good luck...

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November 10th, 2005
So... I'm here in the library, researching abortion for American Govt. So far... =/
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To define a paradox... [Tuesday
November 8th, 2005
[ mood | bored ]

Today was a pretty good day, besides the fact that I don't remember a lot of it. Like 4th period. I remember Bj waking me up, and then patting me on the back and looking sorta worried. Then sometime later we watched a movie with a cadaver in it. kinda gross. and then we got something to color. :D
5th period, we took band pics, and i played a card game with the gang (that's how i refer to them now, Beth, Justin, Ryan, and Matt. :) Then at lunch, we played it again. :D And 6th period was soo amazingly boring. ugh.
and i had a Calc test after school. definitely failed it...

on to the paradox...Collapse )

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November 5th, 2005
So this weekend so far is kicking my butt. I need to seriously take a break from all the 'stuff' i do and just go on a mini vaction. i think it's called getting 'burned out'.
So this is what's happened...
Friday:: Lacrosse practice at 2:30 til 4:30. i'm getting better, but i'm always wiped afterwards. after practice, i get home about 5ish, relax for about 10 minutes, change, and go to work. we get slammed the entire night, especially when we have a 150 pie order due to the TD Waterhouse Centre at 11pm. we have to start making those at 9pm because it... just takes that long. Not to mention we still had other normal orders to make interspersed this huge order. i was the one who loaded every single pizza into the oven. =// i was dead on my feet. one good thing, i got paid. unfortunately my paycheck was $37.06. and i owed the store $10... anyways, i went home, stayed up til 1am (a VERY stupid thing to do), and slept the most restless night ever. i didnt really get much sleep in the end.

Saturday:: my dad woke me up at 7am to go take the SAT at Apopka. I get there about 7:30.. HUGE line. i make it about half way through the line when i realize i only have the 2 pencils and my ticket. no ID. no calculator. i go up and ask Ms. Beechum whether we can reschedule it. she says yes, but but blah blah blah. i have stopped caring now and im out of there in 5 minutes. i get home about 8am, and sleep for the next 3 hours, only to be woken by my mom nearly screaming at me because i wasnt at the SAT. i explained to her what happened, why i'm back at home, and how i'll reschedule it. she's okay with it, and gets off my case. yay. next place i have to be is at Jones High School at 1:30 pm for a volunteer thing with Key Club. i ended up helping direct traffic (to make a long story short, we had to ask everyone whether they were with UCF or pop warner. college kids werent allowed in). the only 2 upsides to this were i got to see some amazing cars, and some really really hott guys. :D i was there for 2 hours, til 3:30. i went home, and went to work at 5:30 until about 8:30. i nearly died from exhaustion. and i am so tired right now, my eyes are starting to cross.

i think im gonna take a shower and go to bed...
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Aloha [Wednesday
November 2nd, 2005
Hi all.

Last Saturday was my 18th birthday.
We got a Superior at festival. =D
My first lacrosse game is next Saturday.
I have a band concert tomorrow at 7:30pm.
I'm way too busy for this to be healthy.

have you been to the new My LJ page? Woah... i love it very much. (it keeps people's birthday's for me on the side!!)
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